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Veinwave™ featured on Television

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The video above shows the Veinwave machine effectively treating facial thread veins using the veinwave machine on Chanel 4's hit TV program Embarrassing Bodies.

Visit advance skin care clinic for affordable Veinwave™ treatment in Bath.

Effective on Men and Women - Thread veins and spider veins are cosmetically unsightly and can appear on several areas of the body, particularly on the face (rosacea) and legs. It is understood that the majority of adults, although more prevalent in women, suffer the presence of thread veins to varying degrees for which there has been no totally effective and safe treatment.

15 Minutes Per Session - Micro-sclerotherapy, a widely used procedure for the removal of thread veins and spider veins on the leg is generally less effective on the finer veins and is not usually suitable for delicate areas of the face (rosacea) or ankles. As a combined treatment at our Bath skin clinic, Veinwave™ adds significantly to the overall outcome. Laser devices on the other hand, originally designed for hair removal, are in some cases used to treat thread veins, but the procedure is painful, offers limited success and carries the risk of long term scarring.

Relatively Painless - Veinwave™ utilises an ultra fine insulated needle which allows accurate application of the treatment whilst protecting the skin and the surrounding tissue. The procedure is relatively painless and unlike any other treatment, can be applied to all areas of the body, even to the knee and ankle which are otherwise too difficult to treat. No bandages are required and the patient may resume everyday activity immediately after their 15 minute treatment session. Visit advance skin care clinic for affordable Veinwave™ treatment in Bath.

Large areas may need treatment over more than one session and each are may need more than one treatment. This will all be discussed, along with any questions you may have during your consultation.

Why Veinwave™ at advance skin clinic in Bath?

  • Instant results
  • Simple and affordable procedure
  • Any area of the body, including the face (rosacea, spider and thread veins), ankles and knees
  • Relatively painless
  • No side effects
  • No bruising
  • No bandages
  • Treat 40-50cm of red or spider vein in as little as one session
  • Immediate sun exposure
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Treatments in Bath

Veinwave (Thermavein) treatments in Bath for thread veins, spider veins, rosacea, milia and angioma (red spots).  
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What are thread veins?
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thread veins
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Only £199 per treatment

Veinwave™ treatment at advance clinic for only £199 per treatment session.  
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Veinwave in

The Veinwave machine was developed by vascular surgeon Dr Brian Newman in response to a failure of available procedures to permanently eliminate thread veins. At advance Skin care in Bath, you can benefit from the amazing thread vein and spider vein results at our skin clinic in , your home or even at your work! - Call 07956 657691 to discuss how you can benefit from the Veinwave machine at advance skin care clinic in today.

Here at advance Skin care clinic in Bath, we are experts in the reduction and removal of many other skin complaints including leg veins, facial spider and thread veins, nose veins and Rhinophyma, facial redness, rosacea, and many kinds of blemishes. Call our Veinwave™ clinic on 07956 657691 to discuss your situation with our experts and look forward to clearer skin.

Veinwave on US Television

A feature on veinwave seen on American news channel Fox 5.

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Veinwave on ITV's This Morning

Veinwave treatment on ITV's popular TV show This Morning.

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Veinwave on US Television

Thread veins and the Veinwave machine being featured on US chanel CBS' show 'The Doctors'.

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Veinwave on US Television

Another feature on the Veinwave machine and its fantastic results for the perfect wedding showed on Fox News.

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